We develop, incubate and invest in technology companies with productive ideas in fast-growing markets.

What we do

There is no magic formula for creating a good startup idea. However, there is one important point that connects all successful startups. Successful startups always solve a problem.



  • Are you looking for a challenge? Lead young companies to success in a constantly changing business environment. Profit from our network.

    Product Management

  • Develop and optimize products, with focus on user experience to create added value for all parties involved. Coordinate different tasks to turn an idea into a company.

    AI Engineer

  • Deep learning and AI have already revolutionized some sectors, but there are still many sectors in which AI can lead to great achievements. Be a part of the revolution.

    AR Developer

  • If you are passionate about technology, have experience in AR/VR development, an excellent understanding of complex code, then we say welcome.

    React Native Engineer

  • From conception to implementation and further development, you can make full use of your coding skills and develop the next big startup.

    Venture Development

  • If you have a flair for talent, you can look forward to the task of identifying and recruiting outstanding entrepreneurs for our dedicated portfolio companies.