Snapmyle: The whole world as advertising space thanks to Augmented Reality

Surprise the target group, amaze them, create interactions and thus create a positive emotional connection to the product and the brand.

Play and fun factor as the key to success

With Snapmyle, advertising messages are made more attractive for your target groups again through an emotionally playful experience. The greater the fun factor for the user, the greater the willingness to accept the obstacle "advertising". Snapmyle offers the possibility to solve the primary business objectives of customer acquisition and customer loyalty digitally from one source. This is easily done with a mobile device or comfortably at home from your computer. The powerful Augmented Reality App enables companies to make their products or services tangible in the virtual world. Similar to the Pokémon GO App, potential customers can playfully capture offers in the form of vouchers and redeem them directly in your store. This allows you to market your products or services as an extraordinary experience.

Augmented Reality - More than just hype

In contrast to VR applications, users of AR applications do not immerse themselves completely in virtual worlds, but experience combinations and overlays of actual and virtual reality. Through interaction and animation, motor activities are triggered and the content is consciously perceived and experienced. Combine this with fun and the presentation of products and brands will be remembered longer.